Friday, August 1, 2008

Thank you!

What an awesome turn out for the first day of the sale.
I want first thank everyone for coming and having such a good time with us.
I also want to thank Oompoppamowmow Snookums and Mallory Luke for being such a huge support to me and bringing me into their home at Opium. I would also like to thank Sheltered Heart for her support and kindness in bringing me to her store/sim at House of Heart.
And a special thanks to Arin Tatham for DJing today, 4 hours and he stayed strong and awesome!
I would also like to congratulate Jenica Landar for being the winner of the PhotoLIFE photography studio provided by Oompoppamowmow Snookums, the awesome creator of PhotoLIFE.
The sale still continues until Sunday at Noon SL, so if you have not been to the Haute Style & Co. sale, be sure not to miss it here: Haute Style & Co.

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