Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Regards to Cailyn Miller of Shopping Cart Disco

I would like to formally make a statement about the latest post regarding the Eyes of Death that Cailyn Miller posted about. I would first like to say, that Cailyn is not the first to post such remarks without doing her homework, so this is for all of you that do this.
Cailyn, let me be the first to make you look like a fool for not doing your homework.
The creator of the SL version of the eyes has passed this on to me to share on my blog.
I thought this would clear up any bad lights shed on Rezzables.
Below you will see a correspondence between the SL creator and the original artist from Renderocity.
I have blacked out email addresses for the integrity and privacy of both parties:
As you can clearly see, permission was asked for and granted before usage of the product.
Forda Fairlane


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear I can't wait to hear about this so-called stolen skin.

Someone owes Rezzable a big apology!

Rhianon said...

How do we know this email is even real? You got asked to post it for a friend who passed it to you after this has been going on for a bit and rezzable has stated they got the eyes from a 3rd person. He's had all day to make something up to cover his butt.

Don't buy it.

Forda Fairlane said...

Well, for one, the email was forwarded directly to me. And for two, i could care less if you believe it or not

Cassie said...

Cailyn Miller posted the trackback to the blog- she did not write the original article.

As for the email, yes it can be faked, but why? It's none of my business what their agreement is (as it should be everyone's philosophy).

FallinMy said...

Tenshi continues to post this libelous garbage without doing any sort of homework whatsoever before smearing someones name through the mud. She has on countless occasions lied to try and cover up her poorly researched "facts". And as far as "buying it" Rhianon, maybe you should consider the reputations of the two parties involved. I would take the word of Rezzable, an amazing team of designers with one hell of a reputation, over Tenshi, a known liar and hypocrite who would stop at nothing to get more readers to her blog.

Forda Fairlane said...

As you can see, the creator herself became involved in the situation and posted on the blog. She first misunderstood the situation until she was contacted by the party involved that should have been the first and only party involved:
Vickie Davalos Vasquez (victorias)’s avatar

ATTENTION!!! There has been a terrible Mix up here- please diregard all of my statements above- This particular eye set was given approval for use in her set- please except all opologies- there is so much going on and it is very confusing- I ask the moderators to please remove all of my above statements as they are all cleared-

again please bare with us in this matter
Regards Victorias-

Cailyn Miller said...

Yikes.. how the hell did my name get mixed up in all of this? I've written exactly two articles for SCD, both of them style/fashion related. Perhaps you should have contacted me and done your own homework, before plastering my name across your blog?

FallinMy said...

Your name was listed as publisher on SCD, Cailyn. This I see has been changed now but if you want to be upset with anyone for having brought you into this drama that person would be Tenshi. Classic example of why you should pick and choose your friends wisely.

Forda Fairlane said...

yep, your name was on there as the poster of the original blog post to the fashion blog..

Cailyn Miller said...

Can we drop this now? It's nothing to do with me, and I don't appreciate my name being splashed all over this drama.