Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Haute Style & Co. is proud to announce it's newest project - the Opium Line by Haute Style & Co.
The Opium line will include a style completely different from the Haute Style & Co.'s casual line..this new line will have a punk flair with the same upscale feel to it.

Below is a sneek preview of what will be offered in the new Opium line.
These outfits below were actually inspired by Refuge's new hair/hat combo named Alex.
I fell so in love with the hair that I had to have a couple of outfits to wear with it and they will now be offered to the public with the Opium line!


Ana Lutetia said...

wheee! Love the new style!

Forda Fairlane said...

ty Ana :)~ and just to clarify to some. This is not a new store called Opium ( I was informed there is a store called Opium already). This is a brand of Haute Style & Co.