Friday, February 26, 2010

Haute Style & Co.

I had a good long run over the years and would like to thank everyone for their support. The time has come that I must say goodbye.

I have decided that I would like to share my creations with those who will truely appreciate them. I have many items for sale as full perm. The Designs will only be sold ONCE and not in mass quantities. If you are interested in buying all that is left, you may contact me (Forda Fairlane). You may also stop by and buy individual pieces which are set on each item, with full perms and set as originals, so once you purchase you need to take designs with you.

You may also send me a notecard with the items you have purchased along with your email address and I will send you all photoshop files that I have associated with each piece.
Thank you again for all of your support.
God Bless,
Forda Fairlane

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