Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Person is begging to be made fun of!! so I shall do it :D

Every once in a while I come across someone that either IMs me or sends me a note card and their remarks are so absurd that I just laugh and blow it off. Well this time, I could not contain myself from showing off the lovely note card that I received today.
Just to make myself understand what this is exactly saying: I purchased my skin and shape from Redgrave. This skin and shape came in a package, and as many of you that have Redgrave items know this, right? LOL
Well, little did I know that only one person is suppose to buy each type of skin/shape that Redgrave offers..I wish someone would have clued me in..or better yet, someone might want to let Redgrave know that they can only sell ONE of a kind from now on :)~
Here is the note that I received:
"I really don't appreciate you copying my skin and shape then using it for photos of the new outfits, so I will not buy anything from you ever again, and I will encourage everyone I know to shop somewhere else., I hate you..."
and just in case anyone feels I have infringed on anyone's rights by posting this...I have 1/ kept the name anonymous, 2/ the notecard was full perms, so I presume I can do what I wish with it :D


Ann Launay said...

1) Der.
2) You don't even have to keep it anonymous. The SL TOS applies only to LL-owned entities, so you can do whatever you like on 3rd party sites.

Moxie Polano said...

OH MY!!!! So you are telling us…. That you purchased a skin and a shape from the same shop, used them together!!!! And you actually took pictures! How Dare you Forda Sue Blueberry Muffin Cake. I think I own all the shapes and skins from there so maybe you should pass me a note-card on the combo, so I don’t mix these two together.. I would hate to infringe on anyone’s rights!

( ROFL……..Can we get pictures and compare, I think this could be really fun! ) BTW your studio walls and floors look like mine and I am upset ! ~winks ~

Xoxooxoxooxox Love, Moxie Buttercup Cookie Crumbs

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