Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I need your Help!

I am just not having much luck finding good places to put satellite stores.
If anyone has any suggestions or stores for rent, please please let me know.
I have found a couple that I really like, but they are filled up, so I am on a waiting list.
My preference is a high traffic area that has no camping or bots to induce that traffic and somewhere that should reflect good sales.
Thanks for your help in advance!

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Green Dream said...

The Lovely Shops (run by Sugar Mill & Co.) is a beautiful collection of shops with varying themed areas (one more casual/modern, another having docks, and two involving fantasy and whimsy). Sugar Mill also has the Sugar Mill docks/shopping center. Both of these areas regularly have events and post to and I believe some feeds to get the word out.

the other major place I go to with multiple shops is the Starlust motel collective of sims, which is a very artistic-focused placed. Many magazines (like Vain, Inc. and Best of SL)have shopping areas, too. I have no idea what renting opportunities or rules are at these places, as I'm just a customer.