Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Loving Memory of William O. Thompson

It is with deep sorrow that we at Haute Style & Co. announce that we have lost a dear friend and member of our HSC family.

William O. Thompson (or as we call him in Second Life Wo7 Zarf - Double O7 or even our own James Bond) passed away at his home on Friday, May 16, 2008.

We met Wo about a year ago and instantly became friends for we shared the same passion for art. We cannot reflect how talented this man truly was. He not only had an eye for art, but also the knowledge of a rocket scientist for 3d programming. He exceeded way beyond us and we idolized him for his talent and kindness, but what really won us over was his heart.

Wo charmed us with his personality - He cared more about others than any one person you could meet. He was always there to help anyone and patient enough to guide them from start to finish. He never complained about his illness and that he had difficulty taking a breath. Instead, he looked for ways to improve his condition.

We would like everyone to know how he touched so many lives and how he will have an impact on our virtual and real world. His hard work will continue on and his friendship and memory will forever be with us.

We have set up a memorial at the sim for anyone to visit.

The Haute Style Family


Nivaya Barbosa said...

wo wasn't someone I knew well, but the times I'd spoken with him, he had been a charming, kind man, with an incredibly strong spirit, and a great talent and passion for his art. His work with Tailor Made and Haute Style and Co is a legacy that will ensure he will never be forgetten, even by those of us who weren't close with him. Rest in peace wo.

Caliah Lyon said...

I met this man when he was just a newbie at Nexus Prime, and he was beginning to look into SL as a place to learn new things in art. It might be surprising that I remember him, but I recall he had a very open mind and thirst for learning, and I do not easily forget such personalities I encounter in SL, even if I rarely even meet them again. Sadly I lost track of him and his ventures in sl.

I convey my condolences to his family and friends.